Monday, June 29, 2009


Natalie that owns Fast Folks on E. 6th St was digging the fused plastic belt bags and is now selling them at her shop. Fast Folks is an awesome, positive place to hang out and learn a shit ton about safe cycling while having a blast doing it. They put on races and trick contests with really cool prizes. Oh and they have an awesome garden and sweet spot next to several local artists, crafters and builders. GO check the place out. Here's what they may or may not still have there.

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  1. K,

    for the bags for the polo tourney, we don't have a design or stencil to incorporate, but how about a design with just a polo mallet and ATX on it the same way you put other type on the bags...

    or maybe a stencil of a polo player strecthing out for a ball, like on our logo. I can get you that graphic. what do you think about that?