Thursday, May 7, 2009


restless hearts crafts vacationed with out me, but brought me tons of good plastic to work with. i am really digging the thin transparent neon newspaper bags her sister collected for my projects. so last night i set out to make a bag, that you can wear on your belt to carry the daily things you may need on and off your bike. i made one without a pattern and it came out better than expected. i am thinking of making a removable strap to run through the belt loops so that you can attach it to your bike too.

belt bag - plastic bags throughout the outside and lined with recycled pool felt.
8"w x 5"d 2"thick.

robert, my buddy in tallahassee reminded me that he wanted a wallet so i made him one with the new plastic. hope he likes neon! enjoi my friend!

wallet - it has a velcro closure reinforced with pool felt. 4 card pockets and a bill pocket. see photos below, next to belt bag.

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