Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i am really digging life right now. i am so excited about what's next. i have turned off the television, pumped up the jamz and sew!

sew what? books, wallets, and bicycle tube pads so far. i have plans to make tote bags, tanks (summer is almost here), hip packs and bike bags. all of these out of plastic bags! hell yeah!!! i have received so many compliments and much encouragement for what i am doing. i think most people are blown away, even if it is just a gust now, it will be hurricane winds all over the place soon. i love making this shit and i love making people happy.

i sold my first wallet last night. it was the third one i made. it was constructed of a "keep" company bag, scrap pool felt and duck cloth. adam aka "hudgie" from bbq bought it. thanks dude!

wendy from tallahassee has placed a non-specific order for a plastic bag wallet. my choice, she "trusts me". HA!

preston wants me to sell at pop off! april 30th. i'm going to meet up with blackshaw that owns and runs ace metric, bike boutique and katie reynolds of etoile boutique this friday to set up a display of the goods. julie (restless hearts crafts) and i will be at stardust april 15th for the audubon market. you can find us with dope shit in handmade goods section. please come by and hangout.

this weekend i am going to start posting up here on the blog of whats available to purchase and how to custom order. so stay posted. in the mean time check out what i did for TASTE art event last weekend in savannah, ga. myspace.com/kurbantrashco

get your plastic bags together and give them to me.

1 plastic bag takes 1000 years to decompose. all my wallets and bike pads consist of 5 or more plastic bags. they are water proof and super durable.

this weekend i will be building a bike, ironing bags and sewing both days, all day and partying (celebrating) at night.

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