Friday, April 17, 2009

PLAN! ---->this weekend

join me if you would like, but this is what i plan to do :

today (friday) - get off work early, go to sam flax to get spray paint, get sushi and noodles with sona somewhere in lil' 'nam. afterwards, go home and start some new projects ; fannypack, backpack, ipod/phone pouch, we'll see from there. i still need to make anna a wristwallet too.

saturday - wake up, get coffee, go to some bike shops to get various parts, tools and supplies, sand and paint bikes. relax over lunch, clean garage with mom, organize, put shelving units together, rearrange the "junk" room. hopefully the pool will be ready for a swim, then swim, swim, swim. iron some bags, get high off the fumes and cuddle with biggie and smalls.

sunday - wake up and make breakfast, tempeh bacon, tofu scramble, avocado toast, (yummmm) and then pretty much repeat saturday, bike building and tweaking, ride around and test everything out. SWIM! post free shit on freecycle, hopefully we will have a lot. do some gardening. sew lots of shit. rest for stupid work on monday. cuddle with my kitties.

oh yeah, brittany has a treehouse, and we plan to picnic in it. woop!

the market wednesday was fun!, but could be a lot better. i talked to gabby and hopefully next time we will be next to the rusted chain bike collective, instead of sandwiched between hippie jewelry stands, and hopefully that next time will be this coming wednesday. julie (restless hearts) and i got a lot of "oh this is so cool, great ideas", "wow, this is so neat", "it's trash!, OMG" and then they walk away. i heard one lady say, "i don't bring money to the market, so i don't buy anything", well what's the point lady? you're coming and hanging out, so support your community, you nut job! and next to this lady was a intoxicated woman with her child and dog, looking at julie's top tube pads and talking about learning to ride a bike without one, "i lost my virginity on a bike, you know my labia". i think she should be restless hearts spokesperson, "buy restless hearts top tube pads, without one your virginity will be stolen by the top tube rape master!"

i can post blogs from my phone now, so hopefully there will be more regular updates.

BTW--------i'm going to d.c. friday thru monday!

biggie says, "blast your gutz"


  1. Nice shirt. Nice cat. Nice blog.


    Are we at a party?

  2. "i lost my virginity on a bike, you know my labia"

    hysterical. wonderful. I have a dear friend named Greg Devlin, a friendly bear of a man in his early fifties, who writes poetry exactly like this. When he's not too busy rubbing his back on the kitchen doorway and trying not to simultaneously spill his gin & tomato juice. love


  3. LUKE

    we are always at a party!

  4. i feel like im spoiling a good surprise!!! dc countdownNNNnnn.