Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new wallets & books!

will be at the audubon market at stardust coffee & video this evening from 5-10pm. come support restless hearts crafts and kurban trash co. look below to see some of what will be available.

stardust is at the corner of corrine drive and winter park road, behind the 7-11.

also available at etoile boutique in orlando, across from t.g.lee (robinson street and bumby avenue) and ace metric bike boutique, behind ormc hospital, across from amtrak (sleigh and columbia)!!!!


Kurban Apple tri-fold wallet w/ 6 card pockets, 3 large pockets for your goods, 2 velcro closures, i'm probably forgetting what else this one will hold, its super thick and ridick! :$40

Kat n Dawg wallet with 4 card pockets, cash pocket, & kittie paw velcro closure :$30

dope face wallet with 2 card pockets, cash pocket and change mang velcro closure pocket :$30

Kcrown wallet with 6 card pockets, 1 secret pocket, cash pocket :$30

simple style Kat n Dawg wallet with 2 pockets for whatevs and elastic band to keep it TIGHT (not in photo) : $20

simple neon wallet with one pocket and velcro closure : $15

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