Tuesday, April 21, 2009


kurban trash co. is sponsoring BURY YOUR BIKE 2 in jacksonville!!! this is a huge bike event with tons of fun shit to do the weekend of may 1, 2, 3. it's also my birthday and i havent decided if i am going to make it up for the whole event or just come sunday. but, but, but i will be donating some wallets and top tube pads to give as prizes to those who attend and do awesome shit. hit me up if you're going up for this event. kurbantrashco@gmail.com
xoxo K

"Alright folks, Zombie Bikes' second Bury Your Bike weekend is planned and ready to go. Date is set for May 1, 2 and 3rd of 09. This weekend is going to be complete with tall bike relay, whiplash, polo tourny, tandem relay, zombie hunt, sunday sixer, scavenger hunt, reach arounds, free beer, free food, live music, all weekend long, 40 foot beer bong..." - zombie bikes co-op

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