Wednesday, March 11, 2009

this blog is random

get over it! it's my life, well censored, not censored by adult americans to "protect" the youth, type censored. more so censored so you, whomever you may be, don't think i am absolutely bat shit crazy. i say this because almost everyday of my life something insane happens, whether i witness it with my eyes, my emotions, dream up some crazy, twisted, fucked-up shit, or reminisce with friends about incidents i had forgotten (not that i tried to block, but just forgot, somehow).

anyhow (as they say)
last night was good. i have been in orlando for over two weeks now and have avoided downtown until last night. i went to billiam's house with a 12 pack of pbr around 9pm. we drank 5 each in 2 hours and had a swig of whiskey on our way downtown. duh, it was a tuesday night and there was no fucking marking for a mile from the bar. on the way we were informed about the vegan hot dog eating contest happening at etoile this month. i gave my flyer to maria, because i know she'll win that shit. then the bar, i'm tired of typing. shit happened.

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