Wednesday, February 25, 2009

random thoughts

yesterday i woke up on wanda's sofa a bit confused. there was a lot of whiskey and vodka drank the night before to fuel many rock band songs. i remember singing weezer and alanis morisette songs. so yeah, i woke up sore with a dry mouth. devon and i went to bikkuri for noodles and sushi. i drank a bottle of hot sake then went home to take my meds. i went ahead and took 15mg of lortab, which knocked me out for four hours. i woke up for more lortab and dinner. i grilled a portabella, an ear of corn and had a baked potato all on top of a bed of spinach. just before it was ready i ate crumbs of klonopin and flexorall with a few glasses of Foris pinot gris and a couple hits of weed. i was trying to become numb all day and i finally had the resipe right.

i was sitting at the table and realized that a steak knife would make cutting my portabella a lot easier. i ask my mom to bring me one when i thought in my head, what if when she handed me the knife i stabbed her. why is it that she never pauses for a second or a minute to think the same? i wouldnt stab her, but i could.

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