Thursday, February 26, 2009

orlando (i do not)

yesterday started off awesome.

i woke up well rested. i played with my dogs and my kitties (literally, not sexually). i made lunch for julie and i, in exchange for coffee, conversation, and positive thinking of progressive future projects. we then set out for thrift stores and bat shit crazy black sheep. with all of the excitement i left my wallet, phone, cigarettes and coffee at the house. julie found some good stuff for the new place, a cute wooden bench, vintage pyrex and a historical lamp.

stardust was hosting the market. there was music, art, jewelry, organic produce, fresh vegan food, herbs, and plants. there were more cars in the surrounding parking lots than there were people at the market. i believe that defeats a great deal of the purpose of having a local farmers / craft market. tarpley was there and that made me HAPPY!

we left, julie took me home, she parted and i returned to the market a few hours later with sona and hilary. tarpley was still there as well as a lot of people i had not seen in a month or more.

several 4 packs of pbr later, lots of art was made and sold, lots of plans were changed, too many questions about my eye and face were ask, lots of hugs, drugs and kisses were had. we left the market for jenny p.'s, casey, and philihpe's house. weed, beer, refman in a romper. off to Franksgiving........always a pleasure. ran into good people, wheat was there!, lurking in the shadows outside. anna k. was upstairs on the organ. we stayed for awhile, heard the ridiculous story of frank's former roommates, now downstairs neighbors. the top two photos are from frank's living space.

two cars barrel out to edgewater for looting of a semi-demolished school, with all that is left standing is the drama department. white kids, "gotta get my props, yo!".

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